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Peretz Architecture Studio

Established to illuminate the world in vibrant spaces, content, and meaning, with the balance and harmony between desires and needs.


Connecting the Dots

Balance and harmony between needs and wants, in recognition of the professionalism and sensitivity to all oppositions created, sometimes even complementary - is the ability underscored experience. As the connection becomes broad, holistic, and meticulous, the better, satisfying, happy, and evolving, the user experience will be over time. Therefore, we need to understand, gain knowledge and interest in many areas of life, so that we can make conscious choices and without compromises in the decisions we make, and their impact on all the walls for our lives:








Light is Life

Light represents the places we aspire to, which we promote ourselves toward, and through which we give meaning to who we are. Without light, there is no life, and so spaces, wherever they are, are dead places until they breathe life and illuminate them. Light and life - are one, one flowing tissue that maintains continuity and allows us to see the person, the space, the environment - as a whole, with its countless contradictions. The connection between light and life, from the biological and physical levels to the social and psychological levels, has been examined in countless studies, and they too - awaken us, enlighten us the way. Alternatively, is the "brush" with which we color the world, connecting the dots and understand the implications and effects of light on our lives:







Dreams and Needs

Dreams are an existential need that, without the desire to fulfill them - was not the human society we are today. In contrast, needs that hold on to dreams do not come true. In a balance between dreams and needs, between desires and uses, some spaces form the ground for pouring content, meaning, raw materials on it. People define, experience, and remember the areas they are in according to the skills and meanings that define them, and each of us has a different meaning that shapes our experiences from places. Therefore, space should express the purpose of those who use it, from a private home to a beneficial public space. Without understanding the need, without listening to the will, voids will lose their meaning and replaced by the meaning given to others. What helps balance the two contrasts, which are often not so contradictory, is the toolbox that an architect brings with him:


Meet The Team


Hanan Peretz


2015 - Today  PhD Candidate of Digital Design & Urbanism

EGS - European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

2010 - 2011 Master of Architectural Lighting Design (M.Sci)

KTH - Royal Institute Of Technology,Stockholm, Sweden

2004 - 2009 Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

Ariel University, Israel

Academic Experience

2017-Today  Shenkar, Teaching Architectural Lighting Design

2014-2019  The Technion, Teaching Interior Design

2013-Today  Ariel University, Teaching hybrid building studio & Architectural lighting design.

2011-2015  College of Management, Taught Interior Design Course



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