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A residential building located at Aharonovich St 6, Kfar Saba. The building faces an urban residential neighborhood, characterized by great vegetation and pedestrian sidewalks. Through Shells, the project aims to empower and emphasize the stratification that exists in the public space, and to bring it into the neighborhood as a theme.

The shell refers to an inner mass that bursts out of an outer mass. The differences between the masses are highlighted by the different colors and uses that exist within the essence of the neighborhood living experience in the city. The terraces are essentially meant to produce human activity at the front of the building, as a coherent continuation of the activity taking place on the street. Windows facing the street from the white mantle create another layer of less direct relation with the outside. Using the principles of the cover and the relationship between it and the structure it envelops, the building's architectural aims to build new layers facing the street identified from the beginning as strata.

Aharonovich 6

Kfar Saba, Israel

Photography by Omri Amsalem

In collaboration with:

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