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Akulove House

Akulove House, Israel

House 320 m"r


Featuring architect Yehoshua Shashua

This house built for a growing family, this modern two-mass residence is built on three levels, each containing a different viewpoint resulting from being placed on different angles. The house contains a free flowing feel based on the consistent open and light theme that can be felt throughout the home. The dominant materials, such as glass and marble, allow for this consistency, which is used in all levels of the house. A unique element is the double space above the kitchen, unifying the kitchen and upstairs walkway. This was possible as a result of the ceiling’s skylight bringing in natural light to both levels. The master bedroom has a beautiful view, along with large transparent sliding doors to the bathroom, allowing for light to come through. This theme is continued through the glass rails among the second floor hallways, creating a clear and accessible feel between both levels. Additionally, the white and black color scheme gives the house a stark contrast, yet still maintaining a clean and simple atmosphere.  

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