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The house is located at the Karnei Shomron settlement, facing a mountain and hillside view. In this residence, the aim was to produce a modern-style design while at the same time interpreting a story about the connection between the modern-western lifestyle of the resident and the existing eternal landscape, which varies naturally between seasons.

Akulove House

Karnei Shomron, Israel

320 sqm

Photography by Moshe Gitelis

In collaboration with:


The house entrance is built on levels and stairs which create separation from the landscape creating a symbolic entrance into the modern, engineered lifestyle. Visual meetings with the landscape are made from the innermost part of the structure through frames that iterate a story between the interior and exterior. Surrounding the black facade is a roof covering that can be perceived as a white aura which can diffuse the sun and the Israeli climate. The first encounter with the landscape is made through the most public space of the house, out of the dark frame. This space leads us through a staircase that separates the view from the upper level, where the bedrooms are. The second meeting is done through the entire master bedroom facing the natural landscape. Thus, the experience also questions public versus private space in relation to the outdoors and landscape.

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