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Alubin is one of the largest companies in Israel for manufacturing of aluminum windows and doors, with a wide range of products. Challenged with an exhibition design the main principle that led us during the process was to show off the exhibitory value of the windows and the doors. We chose to address them as art pieces to be presented in a gallery or in a museum as apposed to just functional fixtures. The space is designed as a series of booths presenting the doors and the windows of Alubin at the center. In front of the exhibition booths there are seating systems, inviting visitors to linger and inspect. The figure of the seating system echoes the position of the booths located next to each other, retreating alongside the space. By working with volumes and positive-negative spaces an interesting and diverse motion between the spaces is created, alongside the impressive exhibition spaces and products. The seating area is characterized by a neutral color. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of lighting adapted to the space and its unique form. The lighting is placed so it optimally flatters and presents the products showcased in the exhibition.

Alubin’s Exhibition Design

Hadera, Israel

70 sqm

Photography by Assaf Habar

In collaboration with:


Another principle that has led the design is the ability of the windows and the doors to adapt to different materials, textures and colors. Each exhibition booth is characterized by different materials – plaster, wood, stone, ceramics as well as a wallpaper booth. The division of the booths enabled us to create a high-level exhibition of the doors and the windows, thus emphasizing their advantages – the ability to adapt and to flatter different types of surfaces. Moreover, the figure of the booths enables an interesting movement and wandering in a space that is no larger than 70 square meters. The transition between the spaces happens through the exhibition doors, offering a usage and an understanding of the products already at the exhibition space.

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