AlumEshet Marketing Offices


Alum Eshet Ltd. is an Israeli company that develops and manufactures aluminum profile systems. The marketing department relocated, which is now used as the company's official representative head office. One of the main goals was to create a space that, while separate from the current factory, still represents the design and face of the company to visitors and employees. The office included a boardroom, marketing department, and communal spaces such as the kitchen, restrooms, and storage. It was important to incorporate industrial elements into the design in order to preserve the style of the factory into the new office space. For example, the high bay light fixtures and PVC floors that were chosen are characteristic to many industrial buildings. Additionally, the branding transitioned into a monochrome geometric style, having the logo be made up of black slanted letters with a simple white background,  influencing the design of the floor.  The ground was made up of the diagonal line and background of the company's logo, which was created as the pattern of the floor throughout the space. 


Yavne | Marketing offices

250 sqm

In Collaboration with Architect Yael oppenhaim Studio Yoolopp

Photographer: Omri Amsalem