AlumEshet Planning department Offices


The company "Alum Eshet" is a company that produces projects using aluminum. Because of the rising need for the workforce in recent years, while rebranding in the works; the company decided to relocate the planning department to a new office complex that will serve as the design headquarters for aluminum systems company that produces them. The new space will include conference rooms, executive offices, a workspace divided into six teams, a kitchenette, a dining room, and a toilet.


• Structure and division:

The space rented for the project includes about 450 square meters of an industrial and office building — the rectangular area with an east-facing window wall that overlooks fields. Plus the basic grid definition was derived from the existing rhythm of windows, which is the dominant element in the space. The rhythm of the windows, as an element, also enters the design itself and continues into the internal division, allowing open workspaces to divide into workgroups.


• Materials and colors:

As part of the rebranding of the company, we worked with monochromatic colors such as black, gray, white furniture, partitions, and walls.

The use of wooden floors was designed to warm the atmosphere, as well as the potted plants added dynamism and hue to the composition and lastly balanced the monochromatic colors in the space.Also, to distinguish the kitchenette and the service spaces, we created "orange" areas that differentiate them from the other workspaces.


• Centimeter Wall:

As part of learning the company's graphic language, we came to know the millimetric paper that is part of the company's logo page, which is used extensively in designing the coating systems they make at the factory. In order to work with the branding and bring it into space, we took the example of the millimeter paper and created a unique wall in the conference rooms and the open spaces this particular wall is a "centimeter" wall, a magnetic board and an erasure panel which is shaped like square cubes The example of the millimeter paper. “Alum Eshet” design department offices.


Yavne | Design offices

In Collaboration with Architect Yael oppenhaim Studio Yoolopp

Photographer: Omri Amsalem

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