Street Lighting= Humans + Space + Light

A suggestion for urban lighting design method to enhance the urban nocturnal experience. This Methodology begins with the desire to design street lighting in a comprehensive approach, claiming that we should understand the complexity of things and look at them as one, as a whole. Traditionally, street lighting has been the basic component of public outdoor lighting. In urban setting, it is the street lighting, along with traffic signals and signs that organize and define the visual environment at night. As we advance in the 21st century, our visual environment at night time is increasingly shaped by the predominance of information and communication technologies. The concomitant over stimulat

The Human Parameter 3.2

Join us on Monday 19/6/17 19:00 ZEZEZE gallery talk, I will present my thoughts about urban planning in the digital age. #parameter #urbanism #urban #planning #digitaldesign #urbandesign #תכנוןעירוני #תכנוןפרמטרי #עיצובעירוני

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