AI and the City

Traditionally one city is planned and designed by static master planning regulation. Paradigm established from last century (even updated every 5-10 years) becomes increasingly harder to propose dynamic strategy and evaluation in this rapid urban development. To provide efficient and direct reference of a well-planned city for a new site becomes the issue that needs to be answered. Therefore, an intelligent urban design system is urgently needed in city optimization. This course, That was part of Digital FUTURES Shanghai Summer Workshop, designs a set of Al urban design system for one existing city/imagined site, focuses on building participants’ basic skill in artificial intelligence model,

Digital FUTURES Shanghai 2018

In this day in age, the society we currently live in as well as what is expected from the future is all technologically based. As a result of this, people rely heavily on some form of a technological device. During my recent trip to China, I was able to take part in the 8th Digital FUTURES Shanghai Summer Workshop, which focused greatly on this topic. It took place at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, at Tonji University, in Shanghai, China. This university is ranked 18th in the world for architecture in the 2018 QS Top Universities rankings. They have taken part in robotic fabrication as well as futuristic workshops, which involve the use of drones to monitor environmental pol


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