Technological Studio Course

Technology Course 1 and 2 introduces the students to the technological aspects of architecture. The course is based on the study of the architectural language and basic building components, with an emphasis on the technological aspect of various architectural work. The school of Architecture in Ariel university offers this course for first year students in their second semester. Goals and objectives of the course: 1. Knowledge acquisition 2. Providing work tools and creating work habits 3. Education for integration and interaction 4. Education for professional and social responsibility The course based on interactive study and the value of teamwork. The environment of the classroom offer

Map This-Design with Data Shenkar College Students Work

A multi-disciplinary course at Shenkar college with Emma Margarita Ernest "One could describe design as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose” Charles Eames. With an increase in urban population, new challenges are presented and raise fundamental questions regarding the city's users and their needs for a functional urban eco system. City services including transportation, pollution, employment, etc., provide technical information for these systems and lack reference between how the user interacts with the physical urban space. The studio is offered for third year students and teaches them to formulate a concept and access information through visual tools and analy


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