Bruchin Sports Hall

Brunchin Sport's Hall

Featuring  Architect Assaf Katz

1,500 m"r

Status: Permit stage​

The building is located at the center of the village of Bruchin, at the local cultural heart of the residence.
It aims to be a sports hub that unites the local community and encourages physical activity and social community connections. At the entrance to the building there is a wide landscape design which is the doorway linking it with the community.

Mass Planning and Design:
The hall was built with emphasis on two masses, the difference between them is reflected in the material and the program.
The bright plaster mass forming the part of the structure, where the main activity takes place and serves as the arena of play, while the stone-covered mass contains all the serving spaces. The main entrance, toilets, showers, foyer.
Realizing their differences visually externally produces a principle of programmatic transparency.
Within the very masses we have defined dynamic openings that create a language of connection between the outside and the inside.



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