Kindergarden, Karnei Shomron 



3 Classes

In Collaboration with Asaf Katz

Status: Built


The residence is located at the Karnei Shomron settlement, at the cultural community center.

Built as a single-level structure surrounded by a garden and courtyard for three groups of different age groups. The design provides spaces for a classroom for children, toddlers and babies and the kitchen in common for the three of them.

Mass Planning and Design:
The design is based on dividing the spaces according to their different uses and highlighting them with varying colors and the way they serve the main customers which are the children. The color adds a childish vibe that creates a relaxed and colorful atmosphere for the kids, babies and toddlers.
In addition, the color defines the different areas and entrances to the structure, each entry or exit is characterized by a different color. On the one hand, the color defines an experience that produces an orientation for the working team and for the children. On the other hand, the color characterizes the passageways and the relation between the exterior and the interior of the structure. This use of color is done simultaneously in the interior and exterior facades.

Photos by Tal Shagan