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The two towers, located on Kanafi Nesherim Street, Jerusalem, are actually an addition to an existing building, designed by the architect Rami Hashimshony in the 1990s, so that the design of the towers required a high level of compatibility between the construction and the programs that already exist in the original building and the new construction. Also, since it is a busy area next to the light rail, great precision was needed when it comes to regulations and construction additions. The towers, which are located in the center of the city of Jerusalem, make unique use of the traditional Jerusalem stone cladding.

Ella Towers

Jerusalem, Israel

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The stone cladding units, which are usually adjacent to the building, are arranged in a design perpendicular to the front of the building, which is octagonal-round in shape. The combination between the unique placement of the bricks and the shape of the building produces a changing series of views of the facade, in some of which the units create the appearance of a uniform and sealed stone facade and in some of them create an airy and open facade. The units were placed so that they are adapted to the climate conditions on site. The calculation of the placement angle of the components allowed the penetration of sunlight in the winter and ventilation and shading in the summer.

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