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The project is in collaboration with the architect Shira Shahuri and with the City Planning Department, the South Team and the Conservation Department of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. The purpose of the work is to prepare a design guidelines document for permit applications for new construction and construction additions while maintaining the unique character of the neighborhood and formulating the desired direction for its continued development. Florentin concentrates residences, businesses, restaurants, cafes, artisans, artist galleries and is a center of attraction for tourism.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Design guidelines for the Florentin neighborhood


In Florentin, many efforts are invested in the development of the public space, the restoration of buildings for conservation, the development and construction of new buildings with an emphasis on the architectural elements characteristic of the neighborhood, the development of local commerce, the restoration of infrastructure and the regulation of sidewalks, while preserving the character of the Florentin neighborhood.

The design guidelines document includes an investigation and study of the physical inventory of the neighborhood, an analysis and typological study of the Florentin neighborhood and the formulation of detailed design guidelines for the purpose of issuing building permits on commercial lots, including in buildings for preservation, additions to existing buildings and new buildings. The guidelines of the document are binding and any renovation throughout the neighborhood will be done according to them. Any change to the facade requires approval from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and the Conservation Department.

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