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The city of Lod is a major Israeli transportation hub, with an important railway and road junction, but principally because of its proximity to David Ben-Gurion International Airport, and is located southeast of Tel Aviv and 40km northwest of Jerusalem in the Central District of Israel. This ambitious new project by Canaan-Shenhav Architects named Atid Ha'meah translating to: 'The future towers of the century' - consists of six new buildings with mixed use spaces, including residential, business and retail with multiple public spaces.


We were tasked to design the residential and the business lobbies for two of the buildings, as well as the two synagogues on the property. Throughout the design process, our goal was for the designs to be coherent with the exterior of the building as well as give each lobby a unique appearance to easily identify them.

Future Century Towers



Zionism Blvd, Lod, Israel


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The Synagogue plays an essential role in the Jewish religion where prayer, study and community gatherings take place therefore, it was imperative for us to take extra care in designing such a special space. The simplistic design does not distract visitors from the main intention of this space - only enhance it by manipulating artificial as well as natural light. The hanging lights were used to create a magical effect and the ceiling design guides more natural light into the space providing ample reading light.

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