HaMaccabi 1, Tel-Aviv Yafo

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HaMaccabi st 1, Tel-Aviv Yafo, Israel

Tama 38/1 Project construction created to strengthen and upgrade older apartment buildings.

Status: A permit application has been submitted to the Tel Aviv municipality


The building is located at the corner of Maccabi Street 1 in Tel Aviv. The street is characterized by four-story residential buildings. In the project, we were asked for TAMA 38, reinforcement. The building contains an existing commercial floor facing the street.

Mass Planning and Design:
Although not intended for preservation, it was important for us to preserve the memory of the international style that defines the character and essence of Tel Aviv city. That's why we created fronts that cite elements of the Bauhaus design language, but at the same time reflect the contemporary design language of the typical Tel Aviv building. Small round windows, combined with modern balconies and elements, enhance and accentuate the memory from the gap between the design concept that used to exist with contemporary language. The ground level is a high gallery level for trade and at the same time for the private entrance cages of the building occupants. Mixing the two on the street level enriches the conversation between private and public, between the appropriation of land in the city and the public and its allocation to private ownership.

The upper levels are used for residential purposes only and contain 10 housing units.

חזית מערבית
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