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This work is a documentary document that reviews the historical, cultural, architectural and technological aspects of the Technical Center of the Electric Company on Kermanitsky Street, Tel Aviv. This complex was established on the east bank of the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, in the employment area of ​​Tsron and is bordered by the streets: Kermanitsky Street to the south, Haskalah Boulevard to the east and Dr. Mozes Walter Street to the west. Also, the northern side of the complex borders a residential tower ("Amkor" complex). The planning of the complex was completed in 1964 and the construction in 1966. The technical center complex covers an area of ​​about 20 dunams and includes an office building, an indoor garage and workshop (also known as a hangar), a dining room and a wide parking lot.

Source of historical photographs: Ziv family archives

Electric Company Complex Documentation

Tel Aviv, Israel

18,000 sqm

Kremnitzky, Electric Company's compound

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The entire complex was designed by the architect duo Tova and Gideon Ziv and the Civil Planning Department and the Construction Department of the Electric Company led the implementation of the project. Also, the engineer D. Phelan was responsible for the constructive design. Today, the Technical Center complex of the Electric Company is nearing the TABA approval TA/5523/B for the renewal of the employment area in Bezron. The plan offers additional construction and a total mix of uses that includes employment and residential buildings with commercial use on the ground floors and public building. As part of the emerging plan, the building proposed for preservation is the central office building located in the southern part of the complex and along the northern side of Kraminitsky Street. The future planning of the complex is expected to be a significant part of the developments of the district, in the change of the urban intensity in the area and in the public space.

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