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Pre-Fabioles is a flexible and affordable residential model for a healthy, accessible and sustainable urban environment in Kiryat Gat. The design, which won first place in the "Building Green in Israel" competition, is the product of an integrative planning process which is environmental and social responsible. The project planning is based on innovative green building technologies that have been found from around the world and are offered as such that can be incorporated into the local market. Among other things, the building meets strict efficiency standards and is designed using a prefabricated and modular construction method that is characterized by material economy, design flexibility and the minimization of construction waste.

Living Green in Israel

Kiryat Gat, Israel

KKL competition in collaboration with:



In addition to the residential model, the planning proposal also includes the planning and design of a visitor center that presents the principles of the structure and method in an experiential way. The visitor center is designed in a way that demonstrates the building principles of the residential model for entrepreneurs, decision makers and private visitors while representing a pleasant and high-quality environment to stay at and integrates into the urban environment.

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