Mossinshon 5 Lobbies, Tel-Aviv

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Mossinshon 5, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Mossinshon 5 is a residential apartment building in Central Tel Aviv, with each floor marked in a different color.

The inspiration for the project comes from the colors of the sunset on the beaches in Tel Aviv where each floor represents a special color. The color themes begin on the first floor lobby with the sand and end on the sixth floor lobby with the water. The colors flow from one floor to another and connect the urban elements to the natural elements. The colors represent the sun, sand and waves of Tel Aviv flowing from one space to another, which can be clearly seen in the stairwell. This allows the residents with another option of connecting the colors to each floor.  The parking garages reference each floor and the parking spaces color coordinate with each floor. This allows the resident to match their floor color with their parking space color.

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