Preservation Building

Nahalat Binyamin, Tel-Aviv

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Residential Building, Preservation Building, International style

In collaboration with Preservation Architect Shira Ben Ezra

The Shlomo Hochman House was built by the Israeli contractor Israel Friedberg in 1922 as a one-story residential building. The building style is eclectic, with influence from the local Arab style.
Over the years, since 1930, two additional floors were added, in the international style.
The house is located on the corner of Muhaliber and Sheffer st.  The balconies provide functional shading for both sides of the street.  Crown molding was used on the facade of the balconies.  The stairwell and the main entrance were highlighted by a vertical "thermometer" window, which breaks the symmetry, and emphasizes the functionality value of the international style.
Starting in the 1960s, small businesses populated the neighborhood, and the ground floor of the Hochman House was converted into a commercial space.