Jewish Quarter Jersualem


Interior Design for a house in the Jewish Quarter in Jersualem.

280 m"r

In Collaboration with architect Nataly Kogan

Photos by Yoav Peled

The Jewish Quarter in Arabic: حارة اليهود is located in the southeastern part of the Old City of Jerusalem, and is one of four quarters of the Old City, alongside the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter and the Armenian Quarter. Its name has been popular since the 19th century. About 4,200 residents live in the district, most of them religious Jews, and include residences, Jewish religious buildings, archeology and tourism sites, souvenirs and Judaica shops and restaurants.

The house is a centuries-old historic stone building in the urban Arab style (building style that began in the 19th century) characterized by great spaces, arches, and vaults. The house consists of four levels, the main challenge of the project and the purpose of the project was to give respect to the historical space and structure while preserving the original arches and vaults of the building.

The home's unique location evokes a magical atmosphere, a sacred sense of urbanity, modernity and fast pace of life as the home's balcony overlooks the Wall and the Dome of the Rock, two of the most important historical sites in the world.

The design connects old to new, intending to create contrast and continuously put the two against each other, thus empowering each one individually - the ancient and the historical against the original and the modern.

In the renovation of the historic house, we have faced many different challenges: non-irregular spaces, erect walls, many levels, difficulty in illuminating a height of 5m and handling modern building systems in a historic building.

In order to maintain the charm of the historical building, special lighting has been designed to highlight the arches, vaults, and high spaces.

All carpentry items in the house are carpentry made and designed specifically for the home by the architects. Defining furniture in a minimalist and warm style, using bright colors and clean geometric lines in order not to compete with the unique spaces of the home.

 The family living at home is a young religious family, a couple + 6 children. The mother grew up in this home and returning to live in it with her family.

The family's needs accommodated to the existing unique structure, such as dealing with the kitchen with ample space and at the same time, the needs of storage space. Also, the creation of two kitchens with meat and Deri according to the Jewish religion. Part of the solution was fitting the meat kitchen and inserting it into the space arch.

Despite the different densities and levels, thanks to the low carpentry details, the house feels airy and cozy, while the pantry also looks like a decorative piece of furniture located between the living room and the kitchen and thus the various corners of the house are simultaneously integrated and separated. The dining area has also become a flexible environment when it can serve the kitchen as a workspace when needed.

In the bedroom, the master bed enters the existing arch niche, and the modern design does not pose competition for the arches and the unprecedented height of the house.

Another adjustment is the utilization of space height when a rest and sleeping gallery built over the library in the foyer.

The downstairs has designed as a room for a teenage girl, as rental units with a separate entrance. The group contains a separate toilet and kitchenette.