Soul & Pepper

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HaNechoshet St 4, Tel Aviv | Israel


Soul & Pepper is a young, new, up-to-date, high-quality and dynamic brand.

The brand provides an overall design solution for offices from the design stage and the execution of the workspace in short times and attractive prices.

The store offers A One Stop Shop: From workstations, kitchens, complementary furniture, such as sofas and armchairs to lighting and accessories, provides the entire design experience in one place and one language. A comprehensive and efficient solution that accompanies the entire design process in one place and top-notch professionals. The brand appeals to designers or customers who are business and office owners.

Tasks and Challenges:

- A relatively small store, 133 square meters and our mission was to present in a limited space the richness and variety of materials in the products the brand has to offer.

- The desire to produce display cells as active work stations that demonstrate to the client that the station he sees can be in his office.

Space division:

We used intense colors, materials and textures to characterize the different spaces in space.

When you enter the store straight into the blue space that contains the conference room and kitchen, nearby is the pink space which is a display space for a small kitchen in the office and is also the active kitchen in the store.

The blue space is not only set in color but also the Accessory Library for sale and can serve alone as a store.

Display spaces:

We've created a variety of color booths, booths that appeal to young high-tech companies and startups, which are in-depth at the store and draw the attention of the customer audience into the depth of the store and walk all over the space. The colorful stands also stand out from the shop window and emphasize the depth of the store.

The flooring in space also creates the separation, with the rest of the space providing wooden parquet that presents formal positions to a target audience for formal clients, such as law firms.

The planned sale stand is the white and neutral stand placed in the center of the store, it is actually on top of its white background wall displaying the variety of materials and textures. Despite the defined sales position, all positions are active and fit to serve as a sales position.

Photographer: Sasha Dubinsky.

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