Retro Apartment, Tel-Aviv

Thanks to its design, this rented, ground-floor apartment in central Tel Aviv has successfully combined the home, leisure and office spaces.
This 90 square meter apartment located in the International Style building is divided into office and residential sections, which share a bathroom and kitchen.In addition, there is a 60 square meter private gated courtyard that has a rear entrance and is connected to the residential section.

The residential section is a large studio space that includes a living room, dining area, sleeping area, closet and room service. The office section includes bookshelves, a large central table with personal computer workstations that can accommodate 4-6 employees, and a meeting table for clients who come to visit. Both sections are decorated with furniture and items old and new that complement each other and provide a cozy contrast between the uses of each section. It is important to note that the sections are separated by a door, maximizing the use of the apartment and providing privacy within each space.

Thanks to the rigorous and simple design and to the precise division between sections in terms of both space and function, two distinct spaces exist alongside one another in harmony. The spaces feel natural and authentic, reflecting the character of the occupants, who simply need a work space that feels like home.


Photographs by Assaf Peretz