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14 - 16 Ussishkin st. Tel - Aviv​​

In collaboration with architect Yael Oppenahim Studio Yoolopp

Ussishkin 14-16

Tel Aviv, Israel

In collaboration with:


The interior design of the store used furniture and finishing details from the original building that were kept or slightly updated. Also, the interior design of the store was done with the honesty of the material in mind and the use of natural materials. Exposed concrete in the floor and staircase, brass in the hanging rods for clothes and curtains of woven and shed fabrics that produce a tactile and illuminated softness. The shop counter is made of local Israeli Hebron stone that has been processed into an impressive and unique piece of furniture. In the absence of a storefront to the street, the construction of the building was changed to an arch that invites those walking on the street to enter the store and accompanies the visitors from the front of the building into a series of situations to the display space. The project was done while observing, searching, preserving and highlighting the hidden treasures in the building, these come to life through proper design of the space, use of natural materials and accurate lighting.

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