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The planning and design of a dental clinic space was an interesting challenge because most of us have experienced unpleasant memories of visiting a dentist. To add to the complexity, clinics and hospitals are usually characterized by a white and sterile design, however in order to break this stigma, the design concept we created at We Smile is cozy, colorful and inviting. The main goal in designing this space was to provide the clients with a sense of calm relaxation. The entrance and waiting space of the clinic corresponds with the interior design of a home. We created this feeling of home by painting the walls a deep navy blue, which according to color theory creates a sense of tranquility and trust, in combination with armchairs, a coffee table and a library made of natural and warm materials (designed by Tomer Nachshon) create the atmosphere of sitting in one's own living room.

We Smile

Dental Clinic


Tel Aviv, Israel

400 sqm

Photography by Gideon Levin


The feeling of walking into and waiting in a homely, bright and comfortable living room creates a physical but also emotional connection to the design. Then a design transition is made as the hallway leading to the treatment rooms is made of frosted glass doors that let in natural light and wooden shutters add texture and play on concealment of light and shadow. The treatment rooms themselves are also lit by natural light that penetrates through the curtain walls of the tower. The parquet floor and delicate carpentry work add textural warmth throughout the entire clinic.

To complete the overall positive experience in the clinic, texts are used on doors, windows and mirrors that remind all who visit - how important it is to smile :)

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