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Before the new semester begins, I would like to share my last year students work in our Urban planning studio at the school of architecture in Ariel university.

(Associate advisor Arc. Ron Fliesher)

Michal shachar, Aviv Ben Lulu, Yonatan Krugliak are trying in this project to define a new method of urban planning that based on the social networks:

"Urban planning in Israel is based on a conventional set of tools dictated and established during the establishment of the state (1948). The planning template today refers to a space cell in which contains clear and agreed rules and definitions are designed to "solve" the equation called a city. This set of tools was constructed in reference to the period in which the information available to the architect was. The planner behaves in a technical, routine and repetitive manner that does not always consider the spirit of the place and the character of the city in the third millennium.In an age where technology, mass wisdom and social media are the name of the game in every aspect of our way of life, we should integrate them into the urban planning field to catch up on the gap between architecture and innovation. This project attempts to shed new light on the planning of the urban space based on the social networks specially on Instagram to become relevant."


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