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8 Parameters of Light

Many people think that lighting design and planning begins and ends with choosing lamp

My approach to light is much broader and comes out of desire is to make

the connection to people between light, lifestyle and space.

Light touches us in almost every aspect of our lives:

· Biological – Light affects the secretion of Melatonin, which affects our biological cycle and regulates us when we are tired and when we are awake.

· Fiscal – the wavelength of light and its visible and invisible components.

· Psychological – Light affects our mood, our productivity, our creativity and learning

· Visual – With the help of light and its absorption in our visual system (eyes) we understand color, space, three-dimensionality. Our entire visual system is based on light. Light provides us with a great deal of information about the environment in which we live.

· Safety and security – Light is one of the components that affect our sense of security in space and also a factor that affects our safety.

· Culture – In every culture there is great importance to light and it is expressed in a variety of options. Celebrations and ceremonies around light, lighting candles, Christmas lights, lighting at parties, light as a medium in works of art (Rembrandt), qnd even the Bible begins with the separation between darkness and light. Light is likened to life and is mentioned in countless expressions and proverbs.

In order to achieve a thorough and holistic lighting design, one must take the 8 parameters of light:

·1. Intensity – Using the amount of light in the room - how dark and how bright?

2. Distribution of light – Where is it light and where is it dark? Focused light,

flood light, light cut by angle or shape.

3· Shadow – Where does it fall and what is its type?

4. Reflections – Where are they created and what is their nature?

5. Glare – Where does it appear, and at what intensity?

6. Color – Color of Light, filters.

7. Dynamics – Temporality, the variability of light according to varying parameters.

8. Type of light source

Basically in lighting design the choice of lamp is the last thing which meets all the parameters we have defined.



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